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She: The Grace Parables

Each time you crack the spine of this book you are drawing back the curtain to look into the most intimate and vulnerable parts of my humanity and I am certain that you will see the stains that grace has left upon them. Between these pages you will read of a Deity with dirty hands and tattooed arms and of a girl who can’t help but be in awe of Him. I hope that you will find pieces of your own story glued into the mosaic of my own. I wish for you to be encouraged both by the truth that you are not the only one who experiences brokenness and by the bigger truth that God is madly in love with all that you are.

A Rebel's Religion

This isn’t a testimony to the greatness of Christianity.  This isn’t one of those stories you hear in church in which the person telling it seems to be free from ever having to face the struggle again.  This is the simple story of the little rebel who didn’t think she was good enough for God.  This is the story of a girl who tried desperately to find the satisfaction of her emptiness in the bottom of a bottle, at the end of her fists, and under the guise of a tough shell. 

This is a book for the not enoughs; for the lost causes and spiritually handicapped; for all those people out there who dared to question and doubt and push the boundaries.  This is the story of grace, my story of grace, and how I fell madly in love with a God that I use to think hated me. 

Within these pages you will find my struggles, my triumphs, and my failures, but above all else you will find the scandalous story of grace.  Grace that took the dust of my life and created beauty.  Here you will find the encouraging truth of a God who is recklessly inclusive and irresponsibly excessive with His love. 

May you be encouraged by what you read here.  May you find strength as you discover a God who is not just with you but who is for you.  May you become aware of His embrace and in tune with the echoes of His love that ring through those caverns in your soul that you think are too deep to ever be filled.  May you find parts of yourself that you thought had long been dead, awakened to new life, as you find freedom and passion in life after the cross.  And may you be encouraged to tell your story, because who you are, scars and all, is a precious picture of Christ to this world. 

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