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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Table Flippin' Furious

I wrote this a while back but it has turned out to be my best friend's favorite one! Worth a repeat! :)

You know one thing I never really understood about Jesus is how he could “be angry and sin not.”  I mean when I was growing up my anger always went hand in hand with my butt blisters; so naturally when I read about Jesus getting angry and tossing around tables I saw a few problems.  First of all, Jesus was in “church” and we all know that the only emotion you’re supposed to feel in church is happiness… that means anger is a no no.   Secondly, Jesus wasn’t just mad… he was table-flippin’ furious!  This problem never really was resolved in my mind until just recently when I experienced my own form on righteous anger.  See, Jesus wasn’t angry because he wasn’t getting his way or because his little brother stole his toy; Jesus was angry because he saw people thumbing their noses as God.  He was angry because he saw people that knew what they were doing was wrong and yet the kept doing it.  Another thing I realized was that he wasn’t just angry he was sad too.  I can just picture the tears running down his face as he turned those tables over.  God has hard wired me with this love for truth and justice and it angers me so much to see people throw away their character and forsake truth while still trying to cling to the name Christian.  At the same time it breaks my heart to see them slap my Jesus in the face.   Why would you stand behind something that you know is a lie?  Why would you take that truth that God has given you and throw it away for someone who doesn’t even care about you?  It’s time to flip some tables!

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