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Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Power of Words

I thought I'd do something a little different than I usually do here.  I have been working on this piece of poetry for a while now, inspired first by my first attendance at ArtLife Now (which is an amazing event that all artists should attend).  The weeks that followed its conclusion I would sporadically scribble some thoughts down that went along with the idea of words and their power but it just didn't seem complete, no matter how I changed it.

Then, Monday, I went to small group with some of my favorite college girls, and wouldn't you know it, words were exactly what we talked about!  The power they have to make or break a person, the weight they carry in forming identity, and the way that they touch every part of our lives-- these were all things I knew to be true about words but they hit me a little harder as I listened to others talk about the power that words had in their lives.

Sometimes I get really cynical and pessimistic and I doubt if what I write here even matters, like do people even care what I have to say?  Can these measly, scribbled down words really have any power?  But there is nothing measly about words.  And I needed to be reminded of that.

So here is video of me reading a poetry piece I wrote about the power of words.  I hope it inspires you to speak, to write, and to be aware that you have to power to give life with your words.

The very essence of creation itself was initiated by words.
And still we wonder if there's any power in being heard.
We buy the lie that sticks and stones have more power over our bones
But words... They touch our souls, hollow us out and leave holes.

Life and death weaves its way between our teeth
As we try to decide which voice we will be.
Identity we try so desperately to grip
So we settle for the one found on other people's lips

That identity, you know the one I mean
It drives you to the darkness, afraid to be seen
Mouths of those who don’t know you, shoot poison tipped darts
Deceptive toxins make you believe that’s who you are

Soon that poison seeps out of your mouth, your lips, your teeth
Because out of the heart, the mouth speaks
See creation and destruction are tethered
Between these letters we’ve strung together

I know what you’re thinking—That actions speak louder
But where would actions be without words as their founder?
Still not convinced that words have power?
Just try spending a day thinking without them

Our tongues are the sparks that start wildfires
They can incite revolution, ignite passion and desire
Chaos and calm share a home between our cheeks
That’s the beautiful mayhem of a life with speech

One last thing I want to leave you with today
Be mindful of your words, be careful what you say
You may think you don’t matter but people are listening
You have the power to give them what they so desperately need

Hope and freedom are what they crave
It’s time to loose your lips and be brave
Let love be your slogan and you will be heard
Because YOU have the power of creation in your…


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