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Thursday, October 18, 2012

God the Socialist

I think God would be a Socialist. 

I mean think about it, pure Socialism is about giving to those according to their need, everyone takes care of each other, and all the wealth is shared.  Now, I don’t think pure Socialism is possible in our world today because people are fallen and greedy, but man it sure sounds nice!

Think about if it were God… he’s nothing but complete and total purity.  He operates like a socialist; constantly giving into those who need him most without thought or desire for anything himself.  Jesus spoke many times about the danger of money and the downfalls of being rich, saying it would be easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get in to heaven. Have u seen the eye of a needle? I can’t even get a piece of string through there half the time much less a massive camel! 

I’ve been learning about all this grace stuff and it’s made me look at things in extreme ways.  To some people talk of God being a socialist may not sound too extreme but… I’m from Texas.  I’m pretty sure my grandparents may have heart-attacks when they read this.  For all my conservative readers just hear me out! 

God isn’t greedy when it comes to his grace.  He gives it out in abundance and in fullness.  It doesn’t matter how much you’ve done to “earn” it or how many spiritual hours you clock in to get your grace paycheck.  When it comes to grace there is no earning or doing to get more of it.  God has redistributed the wealth of grace to include and be given to all of us equally and in totality.

Romans says where sin abounds that grace abounds all the more.  So the more you need grace… the more you can take in! The reason socialism doesn’t work in our world is because people abuse it by using it as an excuse not to work or to not better their lives.  It’s interesting to me that that is the main argument against preaching the message of grace.  “People will use that as an excuse to sin.”  

You can’t abuse grace.  It’s not possible.  The abundance of it is overwhelming.  Sure some people will use it as an excuse to sin but honestly I believe that is when God gives them more grace and eventually they come running back to him with such a desire to serve him that it could never be matched by duty to achieve. 

God’s grace will always be given fully to you despite your works or your abilities.  Grace puts us all on equal ground from the mega church pastor to the street junkie.  I am a spiritual Socialist and I am all about the redistribution of the wealth of Grace to those who need it the most.    

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