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Friday, June 28, 2013

6 Marks of a Manly Man

After a small vacation from a blog circuit as I finished my first ever book (which I hope you all will read), I am back again feeling inspired this morning.  This month at church we have been going through a series about what a man of grace looks like.  My dad is a wonderful picture of that to me and the older I get the more aware I become of what a fantastic man of grace he is.  My little brother is no exception and, as he entered adulthood this year, he has followed in the footsteps of grace that my dad walked before him.  So, I thought I would come up with my top six marks of the manly man of grace pictured in the two manliest men I know.

1- He is a passionate defender of the weak.
So often tough guys are pictured as the ones who pick on those weaker than them.  It’s an easy way to feel strong and powerful.  True manly men are defenders of the weak and protectors of those under them.  True manliness is pictured by meekness, strength under control.

2- He is always in search of new ways to take in and give out grace.
Men are hard wired to be the initiators.  True manly men are in pursuit of ways to initiate grace in every relationship in their lives but know that in order to give that out they have to take it in from God first.  They show grace to others even in their times of hurt and struggle.

3- He is a promoter of peace.
I live in Texas so…. Usually manly men are the ones shooting things and/or talking about shooting things.  There is a time to stand up and fight but men of grace know the value of peace.  They promote and create spaces of peace within their homes, jobs, and churches.

4- He will stand behind what he believes is right even if it makes him unpopular.
He does not back down, does not surrender, and never gives up on what he believes is right.  He stands behind his wife, children, and friends when they take a stand for what is right.  Even if he stands alone, man of grace will not balk when it comes to what he knows is right.  My dad is a beautiful picture of this in my life and is ALWAYS the first to stand in my corner when I take on the fight for what is right.

5- He is honest about his weaknesses with those he trusts.
A real manly man knows he’s not invincible and is aware of his struggles.  He confides those in the people he trusts and those he knows love him so that he doesn’t have to battle those struggles on his own.  He is honest about his hurts and real with those around him.

6- He loves without strings.
The most difficult part of living in grace is the giving of love to those who haven’t done anything to earn it.  This is especially difficult for the men in our lives who work so hard and do so much for all of us.  Men of grace love and lavish without expectations of anything back.  They are the ultimate picture of Jesus to us.

It’s so common in our world today to see men who crave power, pleasure, and position.  It’s time for a revolution to break out among the men of this world and for the manly men of grace to rise up and shine.  Remember, you are not defined by what you do but by who you are; love, perfected, and one with Christ.  Live manly. 

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