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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

6 of My Favorite God Things

I wrote yesterday about how I’m not a fan of Christianity/religion.  Today I thought I’d write about why I love God.  I used to see God as this stern figure watching me closely so he could punish me when I screwed up.  I found him to be cold and hard with little interest in a relationship with a messy person like me.  The more I take in grace the more I discover a God who is passionately in love with who I am.  He rocks out with me to Journey, watches The Office with me, and inspires me to write crazy things on my blog.  I love the God I know now!  Here are just a few of my very favorite things about God:

 [1] He’s a show off.

God is SUCH a show off! So often I get worked up and worried about situations I have to face or struggles that I’m going through and all the time God’s right there taking care of things.  Not only does He help me get through the struggles; He lavishes me with unexpected blessings in the process.  I have, many times, said to Him, “Really, Dude?! Now you’re just showing off!” I love that about Him.  It keeps me on my toes and constantly surprises me.

[2] He’s a smartass.

Oh my gosh! Did she just call GOD a smartass?! Yep, I sure did! He is! Do you know what I hated more than anything growing up?  Reading, writing, and pretty much anything to do with English class.  I cannot spell to save my life, I read slower than a turtle stuck in molasses, and I would definitely use “u” instead of “you” every time if it were socially acceptable.  Guess what God called me to do?  Be a writer.  Guess what else I really suck at?  Getting along with women.  Guess what else God called me to do?  Be a leader for women.  Me and God have these arguments where He calls me to something and I’m just like, “Hey that’s a great idea and all buuuuuut I’m good with that never happening!”  He always ends up winning that argument as I finally give in and try to wade into the waters of what He’s called me to, realizing I’m actually not totally horrible at some of these things.  I’m glad God’s a smartass.  He pushes me to things I never even imagined I could be or achieve.

[3] He has a sense of humor.

Have you seen a platypus?  I mean, come on! God has the best sense of humor ever! I feel like when we get to heaven He’s definitely going to tell jokes and make silly faces with us!

[4] He speaks my language.

When some people pray they are serious and somber and start using all these words that no one really says in real life.  Some say God’s name about 50 times in their 2 minute long prayer and I’m like, “Ok, really? God knows His name you don’t need to keep reminding Him of it!”  I’m very simple and very real when it comes to talking to God.  I talk to him just like I would talk to my dad and He talks back to me the same way.  He knows how I relate and how to speak my language.  I’m really glad that I don’t have to pretend to be something I’m not just so I can talk to God; I’ve never been too great at the whole pretending thing.

[5] He’s patiently persistent.

God is always persistent in pushing me to live out of who He knows I am.  He wants me to do great things and succeed in my passions.   He never ceases in pursuing me or in challenging me to take in more of what he has given me.  However, He is never impatient with me.  He doesn’t get frustrated with me when I don’t follow down the path He knows is best for me.  He doesn’t punish me or withhold his love from me when I screw up.  He isn’t nagging in how he relates to me.  He pursues me and he pushes me but he never stops speaking love and gentleness to my heart.

[6] He never changes.

Who God is, His essence will never change.  Many people have walked in and out of my life.  People I thought I knew turned out to be not at all who I thought they were.  My trust has been broken and heart has been let down.  It’s comforting to know that who God is now is who He will always be.  He’s not going to just change his mind one day about loving me or being excessive in his grace.  He always has been and always will be the greatest lover and pursuer of our hearts.  I am thankful for that.

There are many more things that I love about God but these are a few of my favorite things (insert reference to the Sound of Music here).  I used to believe that God was something totally different than He really is and I am grateful for every day that I find out something new about Him.  I’m glad to have discovered a God who is in tune with who I am and loves every bit of me.  

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