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Monday, February 16, 2015

Midnight Love Letter

My most loved one,

I know that right now you are sitting alone in your room plagued by sleeplessness.  I know that your heart is heavy and your emotions are astir and you feel like no one can understand the chasm that seems ever widening in your heart.  People you love have hurt you, people you trust have forsaken you, and people you respect have fallen short (as humans so often do).  You feel alone and unwanted and so you lie awake as silent tears fall unheard down your cheeks.  I am so sorry that you have to hurt; that the brokenness of this world has caused you pain.  I’m afraid that it may be causing you to believe that you are something you are not.  Tonight, you have been rejected by people who once accepted you.  Tonight, you feel as if your words are meaningless.  Tonight, you tell yourself that it would be better if you just gave everyone what they seem so desperately to want—for you to shut up and go away.  Tonight, you are believing lies. 

I will not sit by and be silent as these lies weave their way into the shadowed corners of your mind.  I have pursued you even in your most unlovely of moments, don’t you know I would never leave you alone?  I am faithful even when others are not and I will never forsake you to face the lies alone.  Have you forgotten so quickly the price I paid to make you mine?  Do you not remember how valuable you are to me?  Let me remind you once more. 

I have called you for a glorious purpose, one that you cannot even fully dream or imagine.  I, myself, have given you those words you seem to despise so much right now, even in your silence you speak for me.  I see you, for all that you are, and have not only accepted you but have adopted you.  Not only are you not alone as I am with you always, but I also stand before you as your defender and stand fortified as your refuge.  I champion your cause and lead heavenly legions to fight for your dreams.  Even when your faith in me falters, my faith in you is relentless and unwavering.  You are unfathomably and immeasurably loved.  You are more beautiful and more precious to me than the wonders of galaxies. 

Hey, look at me.  Lift your eyes, darling.  You are strong, stronger than you even know, and you have NO reason to hang your head.  I cannot promise you that the pain will go away.  I cannot say that the heartbreak of rejection and the agony of aloneness will cease. 


But I will promise you this—my grace is enough for you.  And you are enough for me.  That’s right, the you right now with red eyes and tear stained pillow cases.  The you at 1:37 AM who can’t seem to turn the hurt off long enough to quiet the exhausted cries for rest from your brain.  You.  Right here.  Right now. Are enough. 

Clear your eyes, dear, and let me be enough for you.



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