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Monday, May 20, 2013

Paper Millionaire

The more I learn about grace the more I become painfully aware of how few people understand and accept the magnitude of what grace is.  For a long time I just really didn’t understand why someone wouldn’t want to accept complete love and freedom without having to do anything to gain it.  To me that was the ultimate deal! 

The more I thought about it the more I realized that people who have spent their lives in service to the system, doing things to earn favor from God, always staying within the lines, and of course judging those outside their lines, don’t see their need for grace.  I mean think about it, if you don’t think you’ve done something wrong, why should you accept a pardon over punishment? 

Imagine if you had spent your entire life working and saving and storing away your money because your dream was to become a millionaire.  Then, finally, after all your hard work you reach your first million and are filled with pride and joy at what you have accomplished.  However, an evil government takes over and announces that all money is obsolete and they will only accept payment for things in the form of chocolate bars.  You think to yourself, No! I’m a millionaire! I’ve worked hard for what I have! You might even try to buy things with your paper millions but you are continually met with the disappointment of its worthlessness. 

I think that’s why those who find power within the Christian duty driven system see no need for grace. The cling to their millions of good deeds, accomplished quiet times, souls won for the cause, tracts passed out, and hours volunteered to services thinking that is somehow what gains God’s favor.  Did you know that in Galatians it says not to set aside God’s grace because if you could earn righteousness then Christ died for nothing? 

How silly we are to think our “great” acts of service could even compare to Christ’s sacrifice for us!  Yet, every time we wade deeper into the waters of duty driven religion we push his sacrifice aside as if what we have to offer is better.  Then we go before God and we say, “Look, I’m a millionaire!  Look what I’ve earned!”  All he sees is paper piles set before him and he responds with, “No, but look, here I’ve given you the biggest chocolate bar ever, all you have to do is take it and you will have all you will ever need!”  Still, we refuse trying desperately to cling to what we think is worth more. 

It saddens me to see some many paper millionaires within the church walls, making more millionaires just like them.  It saddens me because of the bondage it puts them in when there is so much freedom and peace to be experienced in grace.  There is so much greater to be found when you realize that you are already made PERFECT! Accept the worthlessness of your millions and discover that there is something much more life changing than being a millionaire.

*Galatians 2:21 

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