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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Purely Defiant

Both of my parents are teachers. I know, right? Ewww yuck no fun! Even worse… my mom is an English teacher!! AH!  I know, It was a very traumatic childhood let me tell you!  But despite them both working for the dark side I still love them and actually kind of liked having them at the same school I was at (of course this appreciation is only in hindsight).  Recently my mom lost her job.  Not only that, but the way she was let go was completely vicious and cruel.  Oh and did I mention?  She had to finish out two whole weeks of the school year knowing she was fired!  So of course you know me… my first reaction is hey that’s not right! I wanna fix it!  I saw the hurt in her eyes, heard it in her voice, even read it in her texts.  Everything in me just wanted to make it all better!  She reacted very differently though.  I have been very inspired with how she has handled all of this.  It would be so easy for her to lash out in anger, to turn the students against the administration, to raise hell and burn bridges, she could even write a horrible article in the paper about how awful and unfair this has all been… but she didn’t.  I mean, If it were me, I’d go out guns blazing!  Fighting til the end like I always do! Mom took a different approach though.  I am so amazed by her strength though it all.  Strength not in the sense that she didn’t hurt but that she fought through all her pain to do what was right.  She stood in the midst of those who hurt her and refused to back down.  She was defiant... defiant against letting the pain and anger win, letting them win.  She walked out of those doors her last day with her head held high despite the deep pain in her heart.  She has taught me what true strength really is.  It’s not about being invincible or shutting the world out.  It’s about crying in our husbands arms at night and still getting up the next morning and walking into the fire.  It’s not about being impenetrable by your enemies.  It’s about being vulnerable and exposed and still keeping your chin up.  It’s not about faking like what they did was right.  It’s about having enough character to trust that God will take care of the revenge in the end.  I learned a lot from her strength and I am inspired to live life in such a way that in the midst of the huge car wrecks of life… I put out my cones of grace and allow a place of healing.  I am so very proud to be able to say that my mom is a strong woman of character and God has such amazing things in store for her!  So follow her example, be pure in your defiance and don’t let hurt steal your joy.

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