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Monday, August 8, 2011

Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

    Well, this summer, due to some unfortunate circumstances, I ended up back home for the summer.  I was pretty bummed about this at first because… well, let’s face it, I’m a big girl now!  Despite my inward frustration at first… I have enjoyed every minute of the time I have spent here these last two months.  I have probably the most amazing little brother in the entire world! I know that may sound crazy coming from the mouth of an older sibling but we have always been very close.  He’s five years younger than I am and, as most high school boys, LOVES video games!  One of our traditions is that every time I come home from college we play the ultimate zombie game together… Left 4 Dead.  When he first told me about it I was all in! I mean, come on, I get to blow zombies heads off with a shotgun! Talk about stress relief! Heck to the yeah!  He always get mad at me because I get killed by the zombies and he has to come save me and bring me back to life.  It’s hard though! Some of the zombies are pretty obvious… the whole running at me trying to kill me thing kinda gives them away! But… there are some other zombies that are just leaning up against the wall looking all normal and they trick me! I guess that’s really what a zombie is; they look alive and humanlike on the outside but inside they’re all gross and rotted away and infected.  It’s sad to say but this same concept is true of so many Christians and churches in our world today.  Outside they look so alive and Christian like and they trick a lot of people into believing they are but inside, they’re rotting away, infected by their own junk.  Another thing about zombies… they’re pretty selfish! All they really care about is turning other people into zombies and killing anyone who’s not a zombie! Talk about the height of selfishness!  So how do we survive the spiritual zombie apocalypse?  Well in the game you get 3 things:  A flashlight, a gun, and a medkit.  So here’s what you do… use your tools!  Use your flashlight and expose the truth- show the world the difference between a zombie and a real human.  Use your gun and fight off those who try to contaminate you- don’t let the zombies infection turn you to their side.  Use your medkit to heal yourself up when you do get attacked- take time to let your teammates protect and fight for you while you get back in fighting shape.  It’s pretty simple really… do more than hide from the infection; fight against it.   Don’t just survive… live.  There you have it! Another life lesson learned from video game! Who says they’re not important?!

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